This cork coaster set from Wildman will protect your table from unsightly water marks and general table damage from when hot or cold drinks are placed on them. The damage caused is often irreparable and these cork coasters will quickly pay for themselves.

Cork has been chosen for two reasons:

1) It’s EcoFriendly – cork is a bi product of cork oak trees in Portugal. Their cork is harvested by hand (no heavy machinery) and peeled off causing zero damage to the tree. Not only that but as the tree regrows its bark, it pulls a tonne of carbon dioxide from the air, thus reducing greenhouse gasses. Not many products can do that!

2) It’s SO versatile. Lightweight, looks beautiful, won’t scratch your furniture and is stain resistant.

These cork coasters have been gift boxed, making them ideal as a present to friends, family or loved one’s or simply a treat to yourself. It’s also perfect for complimenting with any of the existing Wildman range of stylish products currently sold on Amazon today. Perhaps the most suitable is the Wildman Beer Bottle Opener.

So don’t hesitate today. We offer a 3 month, money back guarantee if you’re not happy with your cork coasters for any reason. Can’t say better than that.

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