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Wildman Leather Shoulder Bag, Man Bag, Messenger Bag

Leather Shoulder bag

Here’s a bag you may find VERY useful if you’re anything like me! I used to keep my keys, phone, wallet, spare change bouncing around in my pockets and sitting down was a right pain. Pulling it all out and […]

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Wildman Bottle Opener

bottle opener

The latest in the Wildman range, the bottle opener is a true favourite for beer drinking Brits. A simple push and the cap is removed from the bottle. Ideal for any age group and easily impresses your friends. Can open […]

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Wildman Umbrellas

Wildman Umbrellas are refreshingly brilliant. It was really important to choose an umbrella that was hard wearing and ready to take on the British climate. You may be familiar with holding an umbrella and then with a gust of wind, […]

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